I like my HP 8560w laptop :)

I currently have a 1 minute load average of 10.08 and the thing is still fairly responsive. I'm doing an rsnapshot backup of the main SSD with an encrypted ext4 disk to an external USB 3.0 encrypted ext4 disk while cross compiling Linux 3.1 for the BeagleBone and running a Windows 7 VM in VirtualBox. I'm going to credit about half of this ability to the Core-i7 and the other half to the SSD, the 8GB of ram helps I'm sure (look ma, no swap!).

Patiently awaiting Linux 3.1 or 3.2 to show up in Squeeze backports (if it ever will) so I can enable discards for the SSD and punch through the encryption layer. Should give a little better response from the SSD but even after 2 months of decent usage, the SSD is still much faster than a traditional hard disk. I'm not sure how important TRIM really is...



04 January 2012