I'm now working at my second "real job." The two environments are very different but I've grown to appreciate a few office things:

  • Free decent coffee
  • A small kitchen area
  • Offices with walls and doors, just like in Peopleware
  • Startups don't have open office environments because they like them, real estate and renovations are a pain and that effort would be better put to making product
  • Parking shouldn't require a 10 minute walk, in the cold, in Rochester
  • No one should be using a monitor smaller than 24 inches
  • Laptops, get them
  • Solid State Disks, get them for the laptops
  • Wifi, gotta have
  • Fast, symmetric net connection for the office, at least 10/10 Mbit for a few people, more for more
  • Don't block any of the web. Trust your employees not to surf porn at work and they won't.
  • Big desks with lots of space are very handy, reduces the need for lab time with hardware
  • GOOD CHAIRS! They don't have to be Aerons (my present chair leaves something to be desired)
  • Open 24/7 for use



05 January 2012