I'm now a fan (and customer) of NameCheap (that's an affiliate link, if you're interested in supporting Bradford Embedded).

NameCheap is running a special today on any domain transfers. Use the coupon code "SOPAsucks" (without the quotes) and transfers are only $6.99, plus NameCheap will donate $1 to the EFF for every transfer! Transfers include 1 year of renewal.

The target appears to be GoDaddy, who were supporting SOPA. I dislike GoDaddy (hence, no link) as well, but I had that opinion long before SOPA came about. NameCheap has been a fairly popular topic over on HN recently. That's where I heard about them. If you use the coupon code and my affiliate link, I don't get any money but that's OK (I encourage you to use the coupon! SOPA does suck, and supporting the EFF is way more important than supporting me).

NameCheap's also running a special where if you register a new domain (in at least .com and .net, and possibly others), you get the .org domain registration for free. No coupons required. The affiliate link should still pay me if you use this deal, and you won't pay a higher price because of it.

I've transferred my domains to NameCheap from Dyn. I liked Dyn, I have nothing against them, but NameCheap lives up to their name, they're cheaper, and I like supporting the EFF and companies who take stands.

A short while ago, I removed ads from my blog. I'm still against ads, even though this post may sound like one. It is, but only because I'm a very happy customer, wanted to share my experience, and if it can net me a few bucks, all the better. I'm also in a transparent mood today ;)



29 December 2011