These are my engineering and computing related goals for 2017. I feel like writing them down will better enable me to understand what topics I want to focus on in 2017 and allow me to evaluate if I achieved my goals at the end of the year.

Core Goals:

  • Begin the process of becoming a Debian Developer by participating more in Debian, fixing bugs and possibly adopting (via NMU and the mentors program, at first) some orphaned packages that I care about.
  • Start and contribute regularly to a website that tracks my accomplishments (even small ones), both those which can be shared publicly and those which should stay mostly private (ie: private things are work-related non-open source accomplishments).
  • Continue to run my NTP server in India and try to help improve the state of the India NTP pool.
  • Continue to avoid social media usage as it is distracting and addicting for me. Although this will reduce the amount that I am able to interact with my Internet Friends, when I’m not on social media I have found that I am much more focused on my family during family times and on my work during work times.
  • Create at least 1 new open hardware design and have it manufactured using a structured design methodology which has similar benefits to most Time To Market systems used at the companies I’ve worked at so that I am focused on what I am building and why.
  • Contribute to the KiCad parts library and footprint libraries.
  • Continue to contribute to the Cross Linux from Scratch project.

Reach Goals:

  • Become a KiCad librarian who has commit access to the KiCad library and footprint git repos.
  • Create 2 or more open source hardware board designs and have them manufactured.
  • Actually become a Debian Developer.
  • Get a technician level AARL license.


02 January 2017