I started drinking coffee regularly about a year ago, when my daughter was born. I drink 1 cup each morning, when I get to the office.

I always added cream and sugar, one of each when they came in standard packet sizes. But last week, I started drinking coffee black.

Oh. My. God.

That cream and sugar really covers up a lot of the variation in coffee taste. Some coffee is downright horrible tasting, some has almost no taste at all, and some is good tasting. Drinking it black has helped me realize this.

Folgers sucks. It’s bitter, then has no taste. Why is it one of the most popular coffees? Marco and Dan talk a little (a lot?) about coffee in Build and Analyze #10 and why people seem to keep buying the horrible kinds.

At work, we have a $200+ abomination of ridiculously chromed plastic festooned with blue LEDs. Usually we stock the Columbian. It’s actually pretty decent tasting, much much better than the decaf or Folgers stuff. The decaf sucks, it just tastes like burnt.

Now, I’m becoming a coffee snob. I’m not a full-on snob, I still think that the Keurig makes an OK cup of the Columbian, but an AeroPress is now on my Amazon Christmas wish list.

If anyone wants to buy me a Tonx subscription, I’d be more than happy to drink all of it!


11 July 2012