2 BeagleBones were delivered by the friendly people at FedEx this morning!

I've got one of them booted up with the provided microSD card that came already inserted into the Bone. Oddly, there's another microSD card that was included in a separate packaging inside the BeagleBone box. I'm not yet sure what the difference is or why 2 were included, but both Bones came this way.

FedEx also delivered a pair of new SanDisk Mobile Ultra 8GB microSD cards this morning. I've run flashbench on them and mailed in my results. These look like pretty nice cards for Linux given my understanding.

Next up is building x-loader, u-boot, a kernel, and an Emdebian image for a Bone.

EDIT 20111201 4:30pm: On my machine, the FTDI serial port driver wasn't working without some help and being that I'm an engineer, I didn't read the directions :)
There's good info on making sure your virtual serial port is working on the BeagleBone info page.



01 December 2011