When I wrote my blog entry last week about the Raspberry Pi project, I was being negative. That was wrong of me.

I was being negative about Raspberry Pi because they're doing an awesome job of putting out a low cost embedded system and I'm a bit jealous. The TuxedoBoard won't be nearly as low of cost. When I first thought up the TuxedoBoard, most ARM based single board computers were in the $100 to $250 range (think BeagleBoards and Gumstix). Pricing my less capable but much more open TuxedoBoard at $100 would fit in nicely with that marketplace. But with the Raspberry Pi being $25 and $35, that's going to ruin my potential customers' expectations on price. Even though I'm not trying to compete with the Raspberry Pi, just the fact that they're putting out an ARM based system (with very nice stats) for such a low price will hurt my chances of selling TuxedoBoards.

Raspberry Pi project, I'm sorry. I hope you succeed. I'm just jealous. Heck, I want to buy one of the $35 models. Good luck!



04 October 2011