Trying to buy SD cards sucks. Newegg is way better than Amazon for finding an SD card that you want, but it still sucks.

I wish there was something like an SD Card Depot that just sold SD cards. They'd only sell high quality parts, test the things they sell, write reviews of them, sell consistent product (SD card quality varies. A lot!), provide guidance on what kind of cards work best for what kind of uses (do I really need a class 10 card for HD camcorder?), and make finding the SD card I want easy. Oh yea, and cheap shipping (hello Amazon sellers with $1 4GB cards and $9.95 shipping!!).

They'd be the (when they were just shoes) Zappos of SD cards. Awesome website, awesome service, dedicated to just one product and killing the act of selling it.

Makes me think there's a market opportunity here...



30 September 2011