I've recently switched to using Chromium.  I liked Firefox / Iceweasel but it has gotten a bit slower over time and Chromium is now faster for the places I visit on the web.  Also, all the plugins I use on Firefox / Iceweasel are now available on Chromium (mainly Adblock Plus and Xmarks).

But one thing I was missing, that Firefox / Iceweasel had, was an easy way to set the minimum font size through the GUI settings panel.  Firefox / Iceweasel makes it easy, just pick the smallest font size you want from a drop down menu where you pick your default fonts.  Chromium (at least the version that ships with Debian 6) doesn't have a menu choice to set this and the default was causing some pages I visit to have smaller fonts than I desired.  And I don't like having to zoom.

But the fix is easy!
Simply open up your ~/.config/chromium/Default/Preferences file and in the "webkit" section, add these two lines (make sure Chromium is not running when you both open and save the file):

"minimum_font_size": 14,
"minimum_logical_font_size": 14

You can substitute your favorite minimum font size for the 14 I've chosen.  Next time you start Chromium, fonts won't be smaller than 14! :)



03 March 2011