Some things I'd like to do next:

  1. Compile a spreadsheet of all the major parts on the BeagleBoard-xM with links to the part product page and datasheet.
  2. Understand why the $BUILD variable gets set to the -mabi= option in CLFS embedded section 6.3 and what the impact of this is.  Should it get set when building GCC rather than for each package?  See trac ticket 620.
  3. Set up a git repo locally and follow the CLFS embedded book within the repo to enable me to better react to and understand changes.  In this way, if some part of the book changes, I can go back to a tag just before the change and then be able to tell what the change has done.  I'll also be able to get a better idea of what files get put in what places as parts of the CLFS embedded book don't have good info on this.



23 January 2011