I was maintaining a Git repository that mirrored the embedded CLFS book's master and my own changes on github but I've now got my own repo on the actual CLFS server.  If you'd like to follow it, feel free.

Clone the book from my repo:
$ git clone git://git.cross-lfs.org/abradford/clfs-embedded.git

Build instructions to make the book into HTML and other formats are included.  For the impatient, create the HTML version:
$ make BASEDIR=[where you want them to go]

Check out the main CLFS page and participate on the mailing lists if you have issues.

EDIT: If you'd like to simply browse my repo via a webbrowser, check out:


ok...fine i got it andrew. now i will start right from scratch from your's book , let's hope that i can do it, because, in online book i m stuck at GCC-final build.it is so frustrating .Anways , thanks a lot for reply andrew.
israr, the main difference between my repository and the main repository or the online edition of the book is that mine usually contains a few additional updates. Every so often, my changes will get pulled into the main book.

You can see the difference between my repository and the main repository by looking at the git log. If you view the web version of my repo's git log, the "mainline" branch is the current mainline book. My book is at the "master" branch. Everything in between is how my repo is different.

Link to my repo:
hello andrew !...another night gone to make it HTML..but succeded .
Now 1 question:
-> Is there any significant difference in your book and
clfs's, apart from some packages are latest
hello Andrew!
could u please guide me , hwere i can get the BOOK in HTML/PDF format.I spent my whole night installing,
If you want to convert the XML to HTML, install the following components:
* libxml2 * libxslt * DocBook DTD * DocBook XSL
* HTMLTidy * lynx * JDK * FOP and JAI
some of them installed in ubuntu10.10 by [apt-get],but
some are not.thanks in advance,please help.


29 January 2011