I'm attempting to compile all of the datasheets for the parts used on the BeagleBoard-xM, but Micron is being unhelpful.  Every part used on the BeagleBoard-xM has a publicly available datasheet except the package-on-package Micron memory.

The Micron part number is MT46H128M32L2KQ-5 but Micron won't let me download the datasheet unless I create an account (so I did) and then explain my expected development time, expected product launch time, expected monthly quantities, and provide an explanation of my design (which I'm not designing since I'm just looking for info on a board I bought).  So I put some values in and now my "request has been forwarded to the appropriate product group."
WTF does that mean?

Micron, this is stupid!  It's a memory chip.  Just make the datasheet available to everyone.  There's no way any of your intellectual property will get leaked through a datasheet.  Just stop with this nonsense.



21 January 2011