I just finished watching Revolution OS on Netflix.  It was actually pretty good.  I'd be curious to see an updated version made today.  Things have changed but they're still going in the same direction they were when the movie was made.

Even though I've been using Linux and BSDs for about 11 years, I didn't really know the faces or voices of the people who've made it all happen.  It was cool to see and hear Richard Stallman and Linus.  I've known who Bill Gates is, he was often on TV back when he ran Microsoft, and Steve Ballmer throws chairs, so I know who he is (plus he's really intense looking).  It's funny that I don't care for Microsoft that much, yet I know the guys who made it happen.  With GNU/Linux (to please Richard who makes the point over and over in the movie [probably in real life too]) I had no real idea who the people behind it were other than the names.

I'm glad I watched Revolution OS.  If you've got an hour and 20 minutes to kill, it's worth a viewing if you're interested in free / open source software and Linux.



02 November 2010