A Better Way of Work blog has a posting saying people should make it clear what the work you want to do is.  I'm going to do that and I'd like to be able to write additional posts under the "work" tag to update my status on this.

I want to do work that:
  • Is interesting
  • Allows me to learn and to teach
  • Involves open source software or hardware
  • Pays well enough that I feel secure
  • Doesn't bog me down with corporate bureaucracy

I'm willing to give up playing hockey.  I've played for the past 22 years but I'd rather focus on the work I want to do.  That will net me extra time in the evenings to spend with my family or to do my work.

I'm willing to give up sleeping in.  I'm trying to create the habit of waking up before 6am so I can work before going to my job.  So far I've been successful at doing this 2 or 3 times per week.  I'd like do this more often.  Yes, I get tired earlier, but I'm much more focused and productive early in the morning.

My biggest fear is that I won't be able to do the work I want to do and still make enough money to be secure.  I don't need to be rich but I do need to be able to provide for my family.



29 November 2010